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BissCom is a family business based in Chattanooga Tennessee, providing the region with website development, consulting services, and training. We always have one goal in mind; to make your small business or organization maximize its chances for success. We accomplish this by creating software that works the way you do, helping your staff improve their performance, and helping your organization improve its image.

For more than 25 years the owner has developed software for small business and service organizations. In 2009 he added a Custom Art Designer and a Data Specialist to expand the scope of BissCom’s offerings.

We understand the necessity of involving management and end users in developing the tools of the office environment. We are deeply committed to this because we have seen too many examples of people having to adapt to the demands of their software instead of the other way around. We also realize the importance of staff embracing change positively and seeing it as improving their situation.

Typical clients of BissCom would include human service organizations, law offices, small businesses, and counseling/health centers. Some of our clients have been reluctant to try new methods because of a natural fear of new technology. We help them overcome their fears by showing them how much better their lives can be if they master these new skills.

To allow you the chance to meet us and learn what we can do for you, we offer free consultations about your software and processes, your ability to work as a team, or your overall organizational image. We give some free advice and provide very affordable assistance.

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Tom Bissonette